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Cognates Exercises


Instructions: Read the following text and underline the cognates or transparent words.

The coffee shrub, an evergreen bush which can sometimes grow to a height of 8 or 10 meters, grows wild in the tropics – mostly in Arabia, Asia and Latin America. It is known that coffee plants were being cultivated in Africa in the 15th century, although it wasn’t until the 16th and 17th centuries that it was introduced into Europe. The first London coffee house was established in 1652 and coffee houses flourished in continental Europe later in the 17th century. The drink became popular in North America around 1689, and the USA is now the largest consumer, importing about 1,500,000 tons per year.

Look up in your dictionary the meaning of the following words.

False cognates Meaning

Exit ______________________________________

Figures ______________________________________

Actually ______________________________________

Success ______________________________________

Apply ______________________________________

attend ______________________________________

Realize ______________________________________

Economical ______________________________________

Succeed ______________________________________

Invest ______________________________________

7. Fill in the blanks with some of the previous false cognates or false friends.

1. Do you ____________________ the English course regularly

2. Will you ______________ him if he has a problem in the school?

3. Will you ______________ for the job in Exito?

4. The medicine program is a complete _____________. The results are excellent.

5. She is a very nice person ________________.

6. I would like to have an ____________car to go to work.

7. Do you ______________ how much money you are investing in this company?

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